Increasing utilisation for an IT Consultancy

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Agilisys is an IT and business software and services provider which works for both the public and private sector, and delivers transformational services to a range of organisations, with particular expertise in local and central government, education and health.


  • Resource planning of >100 consultants was managed via complex spreadsheets .

  • Managers and business leaders had no visibility of availability or capacity.

  • Partners unable to make quick decisions based on accurate, up-to-date information.

  • Out-of-date utilisation data.

The biggest issue we faced was that if you can’t track who’s on what project and what they’re doing, how do you know they’re being utilised?

— Helen Aivazian, Head of Operations & Change


Precursive worked with Agilisys to build a customised solution that solved their problems and adapted to the needs and systems of their business.

  • Tiered user access for senior leaders , managers and consultants.

  • Native integration with Salesforce CRM to allow pre-planning of resource for projects in their pipeline.

  • Financial data and project milestone information pushed to finance system.

The software was simple to use, and we knew where to go for advice. The customer success team were amazingly supportive, always on hand and ready to answer our questions!

— Helen Aivazian, Head of Operations & Change

Results seen with Precursive

  • Improved visibility of when projects are understaffed.
  • Real-time view of availability and capacity.
  • Increased compliance by consultancy staff of recording time and expenses.
  • Up-to-date cost and margin data across all projects.