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Enhanced business intelligence for a talent consultancy

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Armstrong Craven is a global insight, talent mapping and pipelining specialist with offices in the UK and Singapore that works across a number of industry sectors including Technology, Healthcare and Life Sciences, Professional and Financial Services, Industrial and Consumer.

We worked closely with Precursive to build the approach we wanted and the ability to customise when we needed to. I loved the face-to-face, hands-on approach – it’s been a real differentiator for us, we’ve had great support and advice.

— Paul Finch, IT Director


  • Old resource planning and timesheet systems were difficult for staff and in particular associates to use
  • Lack of useable data or business intelligence to hekp the business grow
  • Need to better align sales with delivery and finance

Our staff are really open to using Precursive. It’s so easy: you log on, you’re in, you enter your time! It’s that simple. Previously, we had issues where users couldn’t log on - they had to be in a certain environment to log on… Precursive has taken all that way: users can fill out timesheets on the train!

— Paul Finch, IT Director


Precursive built a tailored solution that would support the customer's heavy use of contractors:

  • Integration with in-house CRM system

  • Pre-populated timesheets for contractors

  • Approval mechanism for clients to approve contractor timesheets

  • Blending of sales and operations data for business intelligence

Results seen with Precursive

  • Robust new processes enabled by Precursive
  • Integrated resource management solution with existing in-house CRM
  • Easy-to-use timesheets for consultants and contractors
  • Improved business intelligence on key business metrics such as revenue forecasting and utilisation