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Automation solution for a construction company

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Builtech is a general contracting and construction management firm. The company constructs retail buildings, office buildings, and interiors across the USA. With a strong focus on quality, Builtech works with some of the US’s most prominent REITs, asset managers, national retailers and private owners.


  • Resource planning was run in a spread sheet, which was manually tracked by the VP of Operations.

  • Turning jobs down because of a lack of visibility of team capacity.

  • Payroll processing took a long time with weekly timesheets resulting in 150 Excel spreadsheets for accountants to go through.

  • Original systems lacked a defined, auditable approval process. Project managers not aware of what was being charged to their projects until it was too late.

  • Customers charged too much due to inaccurate time recorded on projects.

As we struggled with the growing pains of a mid-sized company, we looked for a solution that was going to give us an auditable approval workflow and that could handle expense reporting. We were expanding the use of the platform, and it became really critical that we had a connection between Salesforce and whatever system we were going to use. So as we looked at different alternatives, Precursive rose to the top.

— Bradley Dalbec, CFO of Builtech


Precursive configured a solution with true workflow approval process as a priority. The end result was a customised solution with workflows designed to mirror Builtech’s existing processes.

  • Easy to use system adopted by users who were not traditionally friendly towards IT solutions.
  • Automatic generation of jobs on each user’s timesheet, so they could just input the numbers, hit submit, and go – on desktop, or on mobile.
  • Native integration with Salesforce, and so projects were automatically moved across to resource management after being won with up-to-date information on when projects would land and what resources they required
  • Financial data could then be reported on against sales data on the Salesforce platform.
  • Utilisation data to make informed resourcing and hiring decisions.

With the Precursive link to Salesforce, Operations can see date changes before a project’s even sold, so we have more accurate information automatically. In the past, the lack of up-to-date information could have cost us a job that we could have accepted, but didn’t realise we had the resources for. Access to more timely information has assisted us in many ways to make informed decisions and manage our staff better.

— Bradley Dalbech, CFO

Results seen with Precursive

  • Immediate efficiency gains around timekeeping, particularly across all employees with regards to submitting timesheets.
  • Reduced time spent processing data in accounting.
  • Project managers catching errors to avoid invoicing customers incorrectly.
  • Operations can make informed decisions about their resources: if team members are booked out for the next few months, they hire accordingly.
  • Managers can now clearly see when somebody is becoming available and can be put on another project.
  • Native sync between Salesforce and Precursive allows different departments to make decisions on shared data.