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Driving better project margins for a research agency

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CSpace is a customer collaboration consultancy that connects the world’s best-known brands with the people they serve to create Customer Inspired Growth. Headquartered in Boston, London, and Shanghai,CSpace is a part of the Omni-Com Group. By cultivating connections between companies and their customers, CSpace helps businesses grow, improve performance, and design the products, services, and experiences customers want.


  • The financial and resourcing information were located in different spreadsheets and owned by different people, meaning that there wasn’t a central place where that information could be assessed.   
  • Capacity planning was difficult and it was difficult to link all information together to make informed decisions.  
  • The problems had a negative impact on margins across the business, because it was difficult to see where available resources were. Freelancers were hired when there were available staff in-house.


Precursive provided C Space with a solution built on the Salesforce platform that seamlessly integrated financial and resourcing data. This solution included:

  • Resource scheduling and capacity planning
  • Tracking project margins
  • Mobile timesheets
  • Reporting

The margin tracker's a great tool for us, it really drives change and gives team leaders the data they need. It was easy to drive adoption as the system is easy to use; as soon as people submitted a timesheet once, it's pretty straightforward.

— Chris Howard, Financial Controller

Results seen with Precursive

  • Real-time view of resource availability and capacity
  • Improved decision making regarding when to hire external staff
  • Better alignment of sales activities and consultancy team
  • Improved utilisation across departments
  • Consultants submit timesheets on mobile with improved submission rates
  • Higher quality of data for finance and operations team