Kantar Futures

A consumer insights consultancy provides unparalleled service


Kantar Futures helps clients "Profit From Change." As the leading global strategic insights and innovation consultancy, with unparalleled global expertise in foresights, trends and futures, Kantar Futures offers a complete range of subscription services and consulting solutions. Kantar Futures was formed through the integration of The Henley Centre, HeadlightVision, Yankelovich and TRU.


  • Kantar works with a range of global organisations around the world where projects and customer demands are constantly changing.
  • Previously it was challenging to understand quickly who was available and their capacity for upcoming work.
  • Given the strategic nature of our projects for clients and the senior profile of our consulting team, we needed a solution that would accommodate their needs and be easy to use.
  • Consultants are responsible for showing their time planned on projects, but at the same time, our central resourcing team needs to have an overview of all the work that’s happening and where the gaps are.
  • Being part of a global organisation like WPP means we needed a secure technology solution which was also reliable and did not breakdown.

Why we chose Precursive

Lisa Moes from Kantar Futures explains: "We needed a solution that was rich in functionality but simple to use. Given our use of Salesforce CRM, we wanted to have some alignment with our commercial activities. We needed to trust that the solution would be robust, secure and well supported."

Precursive just works - we know exactly who’s doing what and when. Our team finds it easy to use which is really important given how busy we are. We provide strategic insights to some of the world’s biggest brands - so the tools we use to enable our team are vital. The admin burden needs to be low because we need to be agile. Precursive helps us to achieve this.

— Lisa Moes, Global Strategist | Director of Resourcing

Results seen with Precursive

  • Leadership team is able to see everything that’s happening in one place
  • Resourcing team can quickly fill any gaps or highlight areas where we have space for more work
  • Consultants have any easy-to-use system to show what they are working on and their capacity