Keeping workflows simple for a design agency

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RenderThat is a fast growing design agency that offers creative services for brands - they provide a breadth of design, animation and rendering expertise through a global network of experts. Due to high rates of growth, they were looking for ways to scale their business more effectively. A key goal was to improve workflows from receiving a client brief through to the resourcing and delivery of a project.


  • Difficult to track skills and knowledge across more than 100 permanent and contract staff

  • Resource planning managed in Google sheets which were not able to show where their was capacity

  • Unable to see when projects were running overbudget

  • Founders of the company wanted better data to inform key investment and hiring decisions

We are always looking for solutions to make things more efficient. We produce 1 million renderings per month - you need to organise things well, otherwise you can’t handle this volume. In the past we couldn’t find a tool to improve workflows - we were excited to find Precursive which is great for our needs.

— David Wischniewski, CEO


Precursive built a tailored solution which:

  • Supports all key commercial activities: Sales > Resource Management > Project Budgeting > Timesheets > Billing > Contractor Payments

  • Informs project managers in advance of upcoming work and resource requirements

  • Includes real-time reporting of key business metrics such as revenue forecasting, utilisation, timesheets, and project margins

Results seen with Precursive

  • Improved ways of working across the business with more visibility of all projects and requirements
  • Easier to manage larger volumes of people and projects in real-time
  • Accurate view of project margins informs cashflow and investment decisions for the company