Increasing productivity for security consultants

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Reliance acsn plans, structures, deploys, tests, and manages IT security infrastructure. Its accredited experts have in-depth knowledge of IT security infrastructure, and know what it takes to create and support current security requirements. Its teams currently manage over 1,000 security devices across five continents, and its clients span multiple sectors including banking, telecoms, retail, government, insurance and leisure.


  • Too much time to plan projects.
  • Lack of accurate time recording, and whether a project was running to budget.
  • All planning and reporting was done in Excel spreadsheets, which made maintaining up-to-date information difficult.
  • Static reporting which often featured out of date information.
  • Project Managers have to handle complex projects with frequent changes that was very difficult to maintain.

Precursive is a good tool. The timesheets work well; it’s a user-friendly system. We definitely have more visibility and clearer rotas now. The support team have been excellent – our requirements were very specific and put a lot of demand on them, and they’ve just been fantastic. I’d recommend them to anyone.

— Peter Randles, Operations Director

Results seen with Precursive

  • It’s now quick and easy to run reports on what resources have been working on, how many hours were spent on each project, or utilisation over a given timeframe.
  • They have a clear view of planning, with the ability to see planned days going forward and which resources are busy or available, so managers can plan accordingly.
  • Able to check actual days recorded quickly and flag incorrect information, enabling errors to be corrected early and ensuring accurate data.
  • Management can get a view of the pipeline of work along with spare capacity allowing them to see when additional consultants or hires will be needed.