Torrent Consulting

Optimising growth for a Salesforce System Integrator

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Torrent Consulting is one of the fastest growing Salesforce Implementation Partners in the U.S. with offices in Ann Arbor, Michigan; Charlotte, North Carolina; Springfield, Missouri; and Washington, D.C. Torrent excels at helping companies utilize their people, processes, and tools to harness the power of technology to change how they understand and interact with their customers. The growing team at Torrent provide expertise across a range of Salesforce solutions including Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, CPQ, Service Cloud, Pardot, Community Cloud, Analytics and Mobile.


  • Due to the rapid of growth of the business, it became increasingly difficult to understand the team’s availability and capacity for upcoming projects
  • People’s schedules were previously managed in a Google Sheet and administered by several members of the team
  • Difficult to see where upcoming gaps were in people’s calendars which should be focused on by the sales team
  • No way to track costs or margins in real-time and this required a lot of manual effort for the finance team to do so


  • Torrent needed an application that was native to Salesforce that would enable the alignment of sales activities with delivery resources through Salesforce
  • Staff needed to be able to record their time on their mobile device and also see upcoming projects easily
  • Given the breadth of Torrent’s technical knowledge across Salesforce products, it was important to be able to create a skills matrix in Precursive to help identify people’s expertise and knowledge for specific customer requirements
  • From a technical perspective, the solution needed to be simple to implement as Torrent would run the implementation themselves

As our business grows, we place tremendous emphasis on keeping our clients' experience as the focus. Precursive was a deliberate investment to support this focus on the client and our efforts to proactively staff our projects with the right resources to deliver value for our clients.

— Jason Sutton, VP of Finance and Client Services at Torrent Consulting

Results seen with Precursive

  • Ability to plan and manage resources effectively across both forecast and sold work
  • Accurate tracking of projects costs and margin which rolls up into reporting across all projects
  • Torrent is able to mobilise their teams faster than their competition which is vital to customers that need to get a team in place quickly
  • Quickly able to identify white space for sales efforts to increase revenues