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Workforce science in Satellite Communications

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O3b Networks, a global data service provider, transforms communications with a ground-breaking, next-generation satellite constellation, delivering the highest combination of throughput, low latency, coverage and availability. Unrivalled quality and performance has made the company the fastest growing in the industry and after two years in commercial operations O3b serves customers in more than 30 countries across the Americas, Africa, the Middle East, Asia and the Pacific.


  • O3b needed better alignment between sales and the PMO and field engineering teams in order to better manage demand for project management and engineering resources.

  • Field operations were managed in spreadsheets & MS Project. This was inefficient, it did not provide suitable data and reporting to the Global Services Team.

  • Difficult to forecast, track and recognise project revenues, labor costs and equipment expenses.

Precursive helps us to manage projects globally using simple to use integrated tools on Salesforce. Instead of using a mix of Salesforce, Spreadsheets and MS Project to track projects the Precursive tool integrates all these features. Our PMO has visibility of project performance and are able to provide specific reports quickly to senior managers - we've seen improved project timelines and reduced costs with Precursive.

— Richard Vella, Head of Programme Management Office


Precursive worked with a range of business and technology stakeholders to implement a solution, which dovetailed with a broader business transformation programme. This solution featured:

  • Native integration with Salesforce CRM to allow PMO to pre-plan upcoming projects, allocate resources and start projects promptly.

  • Solution features functionality covering resource planning, project management and cost/margin tracking.

  • Real-time reporting and analytics covering all project delivery metrics.

We have enjoyed working with Precursive because they are a niche company with dedicated and a very knowledgeable team. We chose Precursive against a number of vendors because they listened to our requirements, rather than telling us what we needed. On selection, we were able to build on our requirements and their expertise from experiences with other customers to improve the features of the tool. The product was delivered on time and on budget. Post-delivery, the team have been 100% committed.

— Richard Vella, Head of Programme Management Office

Results seen with Precursive

  • Average project delivery times improved by 50%
  • > $800 million worth of projects managed successfully in 12 month period
  • 1000 resource requests fulfilled in a 24 month period through a global partner network
  • Global PMO and Field Engineering team run smoothly with lean headcount