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Resource Management

A major challenge for teams is figuring out quickly who will work on a new project. We made resource management easy by creating an interactive schedule with timelines in hours, days, weeks and months. Now you can visualise your workload across your entire organisation. Precursive Scheduling will often replace a static resourcing spreadsheet that doesn't scale as your business grows.

Flexible Planning

See who is available and find the best skills for your project

  • Understand availability and see where people are over or under utilised
  • Plan and schedule resources using simple drag and drop functionality
  • Track skills, knowledge or location of your teams
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Project Performance

Companies find it difficult to know how a project is performing and when things are going wrong. Precursive Projects pull all the information for each project together into a simple, user-friendly interface. You can see the progress in real-time and if a project is on track against the budget, incurred expenses, or time planned to complete the work.

Powerful Project Accounting

Be predictable for being on time and on budget

  • Track all types of budget: Time (Hours or Days); Billable vs. Non-Billable; and Expenses (Non-Labour)
  • Make the delivery of complex projects easy by setting up milestones, phases and tasks
  • Get notifications when projects go over budget or further resources are needed

Wave goodbye to working in spreadsheets

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Precursive has a wide range of reporting and analytics that allows you to see the progress of all your accounts, projects, and people. You can check allocation, forecasts, and capacity and keep the most important data about your teams and projects at your fingertips.

Custom Reporting and Analytics

Get real-time data on your key business metrics

  • Report on key metrics such as utilisation, capacity planning, revenue forecasting and project profitability
  • Create dashboards to track improvements in project performance
  • Produce data and analytics using Force.com reporting engine
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Timesheets and Expenses

Everyone struggles to get people to do their timesheets on time which can lead to problems with invoicing, payroll and budgets. Precursive have made tracking time easy with pre-populated timesheets that can be completed quickly anywhere.

Make Life Easy for Your Staff

Enable your staff to manage their activity on any device

  • Staff can track their time quickly on desktop or any mobile device
  • Approvals for time and expenses means keeping control of costs
  • Understand where your teams spend time on billable or non-billable work
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Workflow Integration

Many companies find sales and delivery working in silos which leads to projects starting late, costs rising and unhappy customers. Precusive creates alignment between teams in Salesforce to understand timelines of upcoming projects, deliverables and resource requirements - helping you stay one step ahead.

Connect Sales and Delivery

Align all staff and work activities to boost productivity

  • Get the right team in place to start the project on-time
  • Notify project teams of resourcing needs early
  • Map key information from sales opportunities into delivery projects

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