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Resource Management

Are you tired of not knowing what your team is working on? With our simple and easy-to-use application, you can see who is available and what projects they are working on.

Stay One Step Ahead

See who is available and has the best skills for the project

  • Understand availability and capacity
  • Schedule staff and make resource requests
  • Search for skills and expertise
  • Drag and drop functionality
  • Organise resources by team, project or requirement
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Project Budgeting

Have a finger on the pulse of all your projects! See what is happening in realtime with our clean and clear dashboards. See how much time is spent on projects, if costs are going up and when margin is lost.

Project Data In One Place

Set up and track project progress quickly and easily

  • Set Up Projects With or Without Phases
  • Budget By T&M, Fixed Price, Cost Milestones
  • Track Staff Costs
  • Monitor Project Expenses
  • See Your Plan to Complete, Budget Remaining and Actuals

Wave goodbye to spending your weekend working in spreadsheets

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Make better decisions for you and your business based on realtime data. If you can not afford to make decisions based on unreliable data or guesswork. Precursive offers a powerful reporting engine which produces accurate data and business intelligence to help you grow your business.

Make Data Driven Decisions

Have all the information you need on your business

  • Real-time data and analytics
  • More than 40 reports available as standard
  • Report on key metrics such as utilisation, capacity planning, revenue forecasting and project profitability
  • Export data in CSV format
  • Customise reports using Force.com
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Are you bored of chasing up timesheets at the end of the month? Make life easy for you and your staff through a simple and easy-to-use timesheet solution. Secure and available on any device, Precursive will ensure your team can record their time on the go and without any fuss.

Make Life Easy for Your Staff

Reduce the amount of time your staff spend on admin

  • Pre-populated Timesheets
  • Track time in hours, days or %
  • Multi-approval paths
  • Copy previous timesheets
  • Available on any mobile device

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Considering purchasing resource management software? This guide will take you through best practices for each step in the process, from building a business case to preparing for implementation.

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